How Page Layout Affects Conversions

If there is one design concept you need to comprehend it is this one. Layout is of critical importance when it comes to conversions. You might have noticed that newspapers’ layout has been the same for ages. This is because people are familiar with it, and for the most part people don’t need change, also , it works! Publishers have optimized this system to the point where it is almost perfect and it is highly measurable, because there are over a hundred years of data.

The front page always has a bold headline with an enticing photo to draw you in and capture your attention. The other smaller articles are also used to get your attention and then you have the advertisements on strategic spots on the front page. Magazines use a similar system, but they have the advantage of color to entice you even more. Websites are the same, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. A good image with a catchy headline will go a long way. You also have animation you can use on a website, that can be used to draw attention to a specific space on your page. A good exercise is to look at the big websites in your niche and see what they are doing. If it works for them it will work for you, and you will see what people in your niche expect and like on a website.

Prospects will look at your first page and decide in seconds if they are going to stay longer or leave and find another site. It works pretty much the same as newspapers and magazines. Your home page must be without clutter and make it easy for prospects to navigate in a stylish and functional manner. Your product will determine if you have a simple or complicated website. Technical products require a lot more explanation in relation to a squeeze page where you just want an e-mail and then explain your product further via later e-mails.

You need to nail the execution above the fold of your home page. Prospects have to be drawn in and your job is to keep them engaged with your content. The best thing you can do to see how page layout affects conversion is by concentrating above the fold. Improvements above the fold almost always lead to better conversions. Spend most of your design time in improving this area of your website and you will see fast results.

The crux here is as follow; you just need to do the basics well and the conversions will follow. Don’t try to be too clever with all sorts of plugins and such. Concentrate on doing the time tested strategies well and you will be well ahead of the curve.