Actionable Affiliate Marketing Checklist For Online Businesses

Online Affiliate Marketing Checklist For Digital Businesses
It’s time to up your game in the affiliate marketing business. You are making money from your affiliate links but that same traffic can be used to build your email subscriber list. What traffic do you want? The traffic that fits best with your niche and will eventually buy your products and services.

Choose the Right Affiliate Products to Promote

-Identify Pillar Affiliate Products – those that are in line with your website niche and also are returning the highest commissions

-Promote those products in unique ways – bonus products, videos, webinars, coupons, product reviews, email autoresponder series

-Freshen up your content – use Google Analytics to track content that had the highest conversion rates and get it ready to be used again

Streamline your Affiliate Marketing Process

-Plugins to track metrics and add affiliate links with ease – EasyAzon, Better Links Pro, ConvertKit

-Set up link redirects – Better Links Pro oUpgrade content for bonus offers – compile blog posts into a PDF; use a series of articles on the same topic to create an e-course or series; create an audio course or workbook, etc.

-Use bonus offers to confirm and track affiliate sales when subscribers present their affiliate sale receipts to claim bonus offers

-Sign up for one or more email services (Aweber, MailChimp, iContact) – separate your subscriber list into segments based on sub niche interests in different affiliate products

-Create content that will appeal to each email subscriber list

-Utilize lead magnets for a targeted email marketing strategy – checklists, tip sheets, eBooks, email courses, coupons, etc.

-Split test lead magnets with each subscriber list to see which bring the best conversion rates

Setting up an Email Follow up Series (autoresponder series)

-Capture subscriber email addresses when they claim bonus offers after clicking affiliate links

-Direct them to opt-in form (through a link)

Send direct download link in a Welcome email once form is submitted. Send initial email no more than 24 hours after submission

-Follow up with second email in 2 or 3 days – one series will recapture those who didn’t click on the link in the first email. A second email series will provide quality content within the same niche topic as the affiliate product and the bonus offer

-Third and fourth email are also geared towards providing quality content and engaging the subscriber (soft sell)

-Use the fifth email in the series to offer a product promotion that they can take advantage of (your products) – include a clear call to action

-Track your email messages to see which ones have the highest conversion rates (Google Analytics)

Create a strategy for keeping new subscribers up to date – recycle your most popular and profitable email content

-Incorporate email broadcasts – use newsletters as a way to increase opt-in rates. ConvertKit can be used to segment your list for newsletter distribution without being charged double for subscribers found on more than one list. Sales blasts – designed to present subscribers on certain lists with promotional offers when new products come out

How to Rock Affiliate Product Launches

-Implement launch jacking – use the publicity surrounding a new affiliate product launch to increase commissions.

-Choose affiliate products you love to promote

-Check their product release calendars for affiliate products

-Give yourself at least 3 weeks before the launch to conduct your launch jacking plan

-Buy a domain related to the product – either use the exact product name or add “review” at the end of the product name

Set up your website with your new domain name

-Create an email opt-in form through your email service for each product launch website

Create content that makes use of targeted keywords for this product

-Keep your audience updated with new content as the launch date nears (pre-launch content)

-Write an honest review of the product. Let this be your last post. If you can’t endorse the product for whatever reason, include with your review, a link to products that you would recommend instead. If the review is favorable, include your affiliate links

-Use article marketing to create backlinks to your site from social media, social bookmarking and article directories

-Feature launch information on social media sites

-Consider using other tools like press releases or product review videos

I hope you enjoyed reading my affiliate marketing checklist for online businesses.

Remember to save it somewhere and follow the tips while doing your affiliate promotions.

The steps mentioned in this guide are proven steps used by successful internet marketers.